Social responsibility
1. Rich farmers with pigs to help alleviate poverty
As a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, Yangxiang has always adhered to the development policy of "agriculture-oriented, pig-based industry, and pig-rich farmers", and vigorously promoted the "One Hundred Thousand Thousand" based on "Company + Cooperative + Poor Households". The “10,000” targeted poverty alleviation breeding community model has attracted a total of 293 million yuan of microcredit from poor households and paid a total of 44.392 million yuan in dividends to farmers. The model base has radiated from Gangnan District of Guigang City to Guangxi Xingye, Tianyang, Tiandeng, Debao, Jingxi and other counties (cities). A total of 13 bases have been built. By the end of May 2020, a total of 5,589 poor households and 63 have been driven The development of collective economy in poor villages has radiated 32,000 poor people out of poverty.

2. Actively participate in social welfare
"Stay in society, return to society" is the concept of Yangxiang's business development. For many years, Yangxiang has actively participated in social welfare, carried out activities such as condolences to widows and widows, education and poverty alleviation, flood relief, etc., and established "Guangxi Yangxiang Charity" in 2017 "Foundation", brings together the love of Yangxiang people, and provides more warmth and support to the community in need of help! Public welfare activities are widely recognized by all walks of life, and have successively won honors such as "National Advanced Collective for Social Poverty Alleviation", "National Advanced Private Enterprise of "Ten Thousand Enterprises Helping Ten Thousand Villages" Targeted Poverty Alleviation Action", and "National Advanced Unit for Popularizing Science and Benefiting Agriculture and Rejuvenating Villages".









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